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Explore Whistler, BC, a haven for mountain bikers and cyclists alike. Revel in remarkable front and backcountry trails, from ski lift-assisted downhill thrills to cross-country adventures and family-friendly tours. Experience off-road cycling in stunning west coast landscapes that offer both extreme free-rides and scenic tranquility. Your biking paradise awaits!

Bike Rentals

Locally owned and operated in Whistler, BC, Gateway Bikes have been offering premier bike rentals since 2016. Choose from downhill, trail, recreational, kids' bikes, e-bikes, and trailers. Their bikes undergo meticulous post-use servicing, ensuring safety. Downhill and trail bikes receive thorough safety checks and tuning after every rental. Count on their skilled mechanics for well-maintained, dependable, and finely tuned bikes to elevate your riding experience.

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Whistler Mountain Bike Park

The Whistler Mountain Bike Park in 2024 is a premier destination for mountain biking enthusiasts, offering an exhilarating experience on some of the world's best trails. Open from May to October, the park boasts over 80 km of trails, catering to all skill levels from beginners to advanced riders. With meticulously maintained tracks and a variety of terrains, riders can enjoy thrilling descents, technical singletracks, and scenic forest paths. The park also features a range of amenities, including bike rentals, coaching sessions, and lift-accessed trails, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the thrill of mountain biking in Whistler. For the ultimate mountain biking adventure, discover why Whistler Mountain Bike Park is renowned for its world-class trails and stunning natural beauty.

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Bike Park Passes

E-bike Rental

Whistler Village, the heart of the valley, is a pedestrian paradise connected by 30 km of multi-use Valley Trail, from Whistler Creek to Emerald Estates. Traverse this scenic, level path on e-bike to reach various municipal parks – Meadow, Rainbow, Beach, Lost Lake, Wayside, Lakeside, and Alpha Lake Parks.

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Guided Rides

Whistler Bikeguides are long term locals with unrivalled knowledge of the trails and the local area. Regardless of your requirements or ability level, they can put together a package to suit your needs. Photo Credit: Mike Crane

Off-Road Mountain Biking

Experience Whistler's diverse Coast Mountain terrain, ranging from steep and rocky challenges to accessible trails in the Whistler Valley. With epic rides like Comfortably Numb, our extensive network caters to all skill levels. From over 40 well-maintained trails, beginners and hardcore riders alike can revel in the excitement and beauty of these remarkable landscapes. Get ready for unforgettable adventures on two wheels!

Visit Whistler Off Road Cycling Association website for more trail information. Photo Credit: Justa Jeskova

The Flo Park

Located next to the Skateboard Park by parking lot #3, featuring small wooden rainbow bridges and miniature dirt obstacles, The Flow Park Is just a short walk from the Village, making it an ideal spot for run bikers to feel like big kids. The Flo Park is designed specifically for young riders, offering a safe and exciting environment in which to develop their biking skills. The wooden rainbow bridges provide a fun challenge for balance and coordination, while the dirt obstacles add an element of adventure. The park's layout encourages creative play and helps build confidence in young bikers. Parents can relax knowing their kids are having a great time in a dedicated space away from the more intense areas of the Whistler Skatepark, which is reserved exclusively for skateboarders. Flo Park is a welcoming community spot where kids can enjoy the outdoors, make new friends, and experience the joy of biking in a picturesque setting. Photo Credit: Justa Jeskova
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