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We respect the YOUR privacy! That includes ournewsletter subscribers, those who answer our surveys, and those whofill out our questionnaires:

  • We will NEVER sell or rent our mailing lists to third partiesfor e-mail marketing or any other purpose. We may advertise in ouremail publications;
  • We respect the purpose for which our site visitors gave usinformation;
  • We send our periodicals only to those who request them.Sometimes people subscribe for their friends, and while we cannotprevent that, we offer information to these subscribers how toeasily unsubscribe if requested.
  • We keep our subscription lists as clean as possible to preventobsolete e-mails to take unnecessary bandwidth.

What other information do we collect & how is it used?


AWA uses cookies to store and track your preferences to provideyou with a more personalized user experience. A cookie is a messagethat is sent to your browser from a Web server and stored on yourcomputer’s hard drive. Most Internet sites use cookies. You can setyour browser preferences to reject all cookies but then you willnot be able to participate in most customized services, and you maybe required to repeatedly log in to participate in variousservices, promotions, or product offerings. Cookies make yourexperience easier by saving your preferences and passwords.

We also use cookies that contain no personal information at all.These cookies, help us estimate our audience size, determine whichareas of AWA sites are the most popular, and serve targetedadvertising.

Some parts of site use cookies to collectinformation about visitors’ use of the Web site and to facilitatereturn visits. Information collected about user activity may bedone in partnership using a 3rd party tracking tool. Theinformation collected from cookies is tracked to enhance securityand to improve the functionality of the Web site by avoidingduplicate data entry, facilitating navigation, and increasing therelevance of content. Cookies on the site may collect the followinginformation: a unique identifier, user preferences and profileinformation used to personalize the content that is shown, andmembership information to access’s services. Somecookies used by may remain on the user’s computerafter they leave the Web site.

Most browsers can be configured to reject cookies or alert youwhen cookies are being sent. Keep in mind that if you refusecookies, it is possible that some portions of AWA sites may notfunction exactly as intended.

IP Address

AWA may also collect IP addresses for the purposes of systemsadministration or to report information in aggregate form to ouradvertisers (e.g. how many visitors logged in to a AWA site). An IPaddress is a number that is assigned to your computer automaticallywhen you use the Internet. When you visit a particular AWA webpage, our servers log your IP address. Your IP address is notlinked to anything personally identifiable.

Questions or Comments?

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