Lauralee Bowie is a World Champion Freestyle Skier,3-time Canadian National Champion, and former member of theCanadian National Ski Team.  Lauralee Bowie SkiAdventures is recognised as one of the top ski instructionalprograms in the world.

Lauralee Bowie Ski Adventures has been operating since1984 and offers instructional programs in North America, Japan andArgentina.  Guests can choose their preferred resort,date and time and the ski program will be tailored made around yourrequirements.

The philosophy around the ski programs is to “start overand go back to the beginning”.  You will be taughtfrom your current skill level, but the focus will be on redefiningand relearning the fundamentals and then advancing fromthere.  Lauralee Bowie Ski Adventures will take your skiing tothe next level.  The teaching style is unique and the resultsare proven.  The programs are available for people of all agesand abilities.

This is the typical daily schedule for theprograms:


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Equipment evaluation and Specialty Ski Boot Assessment,
  • Correct alignment and canting of ski boots
  • Warm up exercises and stretching on slope
  • Skiing, exercises and drills. Exaggerated exercises to improvepositioning (Lower Body)
  • Video Analysis

  • Lunch Break
  • Warm up exercises and stretching on slope
  • Skiing, exercises and drills
  • Upper Body
  • Video, Après Ski and Review

All ski programs include the use ofindividual radio headsets.  The advantage of thissystem is that you are given instant feedback.  This “Head toHead  Coaching” style keeps coaches in constant contact witheach skier.  The goal is for each guest to be able to ski moredifficult terrain and runs they may only have dreamed about.

Lauralee Bowie Ski Adventures are pleased to offerprograms in Whistler. For more information please visit Lauralee Bowie SkiAdventures.

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