Have you ever wondered if you could keep up with the best of the best? Wondered what it would be like to ski or snowboard with some of the best skiers and riders in the world?  How about in one of the best resorts in the world?  Or simply want to hang out with a local celeb?

Our Ski or Ride with an Olympian program lets you dream big and ride ever bigger.  Find the secret stashes, learn some new techniques, and test your skills along side your favourite Olympic athlete.




Sport: Ski Cross

Olympics: 2010

Hometown: Whistler

Favourite Olympic Moment: On the day of the race once I was done racing, heading up to the stands to hug the friends and family that came out for support. These were the people who always supported me in the past, so to have the moment in the dumping snow to hug them all was priceless. A close second was walking into the closing ceremonies with the whole team, realizing that I had just lived the Olympic dream I had had from the age of 7. One more: getting signed into the Olympic village and running up to our rooms for the 2 weeks to find a big package of letters from people all around the country wishing me luck! So cool.

What a day on the mountain with me will be like: I’m always up the mountain for a good time. Whether it’s showing you my favourite powder patches I’ve found over my lifetime of growing up in Whistler, or simply making some sweet turns on groomers getting you more comfortable on your skis; I’m happy to be experiencing one of my favourite pass times with you. I love being up there, having some laughs and getting to know you; kids and adults alike.



Sport: Freestyle Mogul Skiing

Olympics: Torino 2006, Vancouver 2010

Hometown: Summerland, BC

Favourite Olympic Moment: Both Olympics presented epic moments, and each moment was very profound in my life. At the 2006 Olympics I was the first woman out of the gate on contest day, on the first day of the Games. It felt like I was opening the Games. Everything came to a calm as I stood on top of the run… I could see my family in the crowd at the bottom, and I knew that i had nothing to lose. It was the moment that I had trained so hard for, I was already standing in the gate as an Olympian, and all of the hard work was behind me. The only thing left to do was ski. 2010 was very different… we had so many more factors to deal with, like the mass media frenzy, the pressure of the hometown crowd and the Cypress weather. I stood in the gate with the confidence from my preparation and a knowingness that I had a winning run up my sleeve. I have never felt so ready. I landed my first back flip on the top air and started gaining speed in the middle section. The rain saturated moguls started to just mush out underneath me and I caught an edge… in a split second I was down, and my dreams of Olympic Gold crushed. I decided that I still wanted to finish my run, as I had a jump to perform that no other woman had ever landed in the Olympics. As I collected my gear, it was the cheer and support from the crowd that lifted me to my feet and gave me the strength to perform the best trick of my life.

Why you love Whistler: The mountain is so versatile, giving lots of options in any condition. It was the big mountains that drew me to the coast from the Okanagan, and it is the big mountains that will make me stay.



Sport: Alpine Skiing, Slalom

Olympics: Torino 2006, Vancouver 2010, Sochi 2014

Hometown: Whistler

Favourite Olympic Moment: In 2006, going into athlete village for the first time, seeing one of my favourite NHL players, asking him for an autograph and being turned down. In 2010, finishing my race run, feeling disappointed, but as I walked through the crowd of fans and supporters, being stopped by a family with a young racer telling me I’m an inspiration to them beyond the results. It was one of the most powerful moments in my career. In 2014, spending hours alone in the “quiet and relaxation” room of the Canadian athlete’s residence going through books about Canada, letters from fans and supporters and reflecting on my whole journey that had brought me to this moment.

What a day on the mountain with me will be like: Enjoyable. I fell in love with this sport from the moment I put on skis at two years old and have been exploring this relationship ever since. If the day and your skill level calls for runs on the bunny hill or charging down every chute and face we can find or anywhere in between, my goal is to leave you with a desire to grow your own relationship with the sport. The mountains are a way to tap into the joy of life and this is what we’ll use them for.



Sport: Ski Cross

Olympics: 2010

Hometown: Whistler

Favourite Olympic Moment: Standing in the start gate of the race and hearing the crowd all the way from the finish line. And of course representing Canada at home.

What a day on the mountain with me will be like: Our day would consist of exploring the two mountains that I have grown up skiing on since the ripe age of two. Pushing your limits is always an option by letting me show you the goods. I’m also happy to teach you a few things to get you skiing better on any and all terrain. The day is yours, let’s have some fun!



Sport: Alpine Skiing

Olympics: 2010

Hometown: Whistler

Favourite Olympic Moment: There were many, but when I was standing at the start gate of the Super G course while realizing that all I had worked for and sacrificed in my life had finally brought me to that moment, I felt incredibly fulfilled.

What a day on the mountain with me will be like: Brought up by parent coaches and skiing since I was 2 years old, coaching is natural to me and the mountains have become my sanctuary. I absolutely love sharing this place with my friends and anyone else with a passion for the outdoors. Wether you need to gain more confidence skiing easy green runs, are looking to challenge yourself on the steepest double blacks or simply want to find the best powder on the mountain, I am here to guide you and help you make the most out of your day!



Sport: Alpine Skiing, Downhill, SG and Giant Slalom

Olympics: 2010

Hometown: Whistler

Favourite Olympic Moment: Coming across the finish line and hearing the roar of the local crowd. The compete in the Olympics in front of my home nation, and hometown was simply amazing.

Why you love Whistler: I love Whistler because of the people and the heart of the community. Throughout my career, through the ups and downs, Whistler was always there for me.



Sport: Alpine Skiing – Downhill

Olympics: 1988,1994 (athlete); 2002, 2006, 2010 (coach)

Hometown: Born in Vernon, moved to Whistler in 1982

Favourite Olympic Moment:1988, opening ceremonies, walking in to the Calgary stadium with so many cheering Canadian fans!! Overwhelming to say the least…

Why you love Whistler: Mountains, lakes, community, friends, challenges, leisure… Whistler has it all and in all my travels haven’t found an equal, let alone better!




Sport: Snowboarding

Olympics: 1998, 2006, 2010, 2014 Halfpipe and Snowboardcross

Hometown: West Vancouver, BC

Favourite Olympic Moment: The silence at the start of the snowboardcross final in 2010 was the eeriest atmosphere for a place where thousands of people where cheering in the grandstands below. I could hear the ruffle of the cedar trees brows next to me and the crunching of the snow from the officials’ feet in the start corral. My coach yelled “Let’s go Canada”, everyone erupted, I wrapped my fingers around the handles of the startgate, engaged every fibre of every muscle in the my body… and the rest is history.

What a day on the mountain with me will be like: Maelle is a true Sea to Sky resident, raised in West Vancouver and Whistler, and now residing in Squamish. She started on the slopes of Whistler/Blackcomb since she started walking, progressing through the Nancy Greene Ski League in ski racing to becoming an Olympian in snowboard halfpipe and snowboardcross. After a 5th place finish in halfpipe in the Nagano Games in 1998 and a 4th place finish in the snowboardcross discipline at the Torino Games in 2006, Maelle reached the pinnacle of the podium in the 2010 Olympics in the snowboardcross event. She is the first Canadian woman to win an Olympic gold medal on home soil.

One of Maelle’s biggest passions is freeriding in the best playground that mother nature has to offer… Whistler! True to her family’s roots of being outside and in the mountains, Maelle is at home maximizing the amazing terrain that Whistler/Blackcomb has to offer. Her knowledge from skiing racing to freestyle snowboarding to snowboardcross, and her passion for the outdoors makes Maelle a great addition to your experience on the mountains. She has traveled extensively from her years on the world cup circuit, is fluently bilingual in English and French, and enjoys meeting people from all parts of the world.

Why you love Whistler: I love that every single person on the mountain is in the moment and enjoying the outdoors. I leave all my troubles away the second I step on the gondola at Creekside and get taken up to paradise.



Sport: Snowboard Halfpipe

Olympics: Torino 2006, Vancouver 2010, Sochi 2014

Hometown: Whistler, BC

Favourite Olympic Moment: Watching Canadians come together and become truly patriotic at the Vancouver 2010 Games and having them cheer me on in the finals of the Vancouver 2010 Games. Why you love Whistler: Having the best mountains in my backyard is why I love whistler, it doesn’t get any better thank this, and I’ve been to a lot of mountain around the world. Proud to call Whistler home.

What a day on the mountain with me will be like: You can expect a fun filled day, whether we’re exploring both mountains, or in the park or pipe. From beginners to experts I have grown up with these mountains as my backyard and am more than happy to share them with you! With 10 plus years coaching at summer camps such as High Cascade, and Camp of Champions, I’m here to help you push your limits, while having a fun filled day.



Sport: Snowboard Halfpipe

Olympics: 2014

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Favourite Olympic Moment: Representing Canada at the Opening Ceremonies or watching the Ladies Hockey gold medal performance live with center ice seats.

Why you love Whistler: Whistler is the World’s best terrain supporting the World’s best athletes. Living within the evolution of freestyle snow sport, being pushed by the backcountry access right off the chairlifts. Big days and big nights with old friends and new strangers.



Sport: Snowboard Freestyle

Olympics: 1998

Hometown: Born in Calgary, Alberta and now live in Pemberton BC.

Favourite Olympic Moment: Standing at the bottom of the halfpipe in the pouring rain knowing that at the end of the day, one of my friends would be an Olympic Gold Medal winner and that snowboarding would never be the same. In 2010, witnessing Maelle Ricker win an Olympic Gold Medal in Snowboard Cross.

Why you love Whistler: I moved here so that I could live minutes from the best mountains in the world. I love the energy of the village and the amazing scenery – lakes, mountains, trees and wildlife – it never seems to get old! I’m now raising a family here.



Sport: Snowboard, Giant Slalom

Olympics: Nagano ’98, Salt lake city 2002

Hometown: Whistler, BC

Favourite Olympic Moment: Starting my second run of the GS in Nagano Japan ’98 knowing Ross Rebagliati was already in first, and trying to best his time. But knowing a Canadian already had the gold medal made me so proud.

What a day on the mountain with me will be like: Free riding around some on the best terrain on the mountain, learning skills and techniques to benefit your everyday free riding. With over 30 years riding on Whistler/Blackcomb i know the best places to go for any skill level.

Content courtesy of Whistler Blackcomb