The 16 days of Opening Day (almost better than Christmas): Day 12 – Backcountry Adventures

The 16 days of Opening Day (almost better than Christmas): Day 12 - Backcountry Adventures

On the 12th day of Opening day, my true love gave tome…..untouched goodies and a hike to get there??

As Whistler and Whistlerites gear up for the start of anotheramazing season, in the 16 days leading up to Opening Day, I’m goingto give you 16 different ideas of some awesome things to do thiswinter season!


Backcountry Adventures!
Want THE freshest and deepest powder laps around? Well you’regonna have to work for it.

This isn’t your average Get Off The Lift, Click-in, And Goscenario to get to all the “powder”. Not in the slightest. This onewill make you work! And the reward is bountiful!
The ways to reach these White-gold mines isn’t from taking achairlift up and skiing right into it, rather you’re going to haveto put in a bit of leg work. But trust me, you’ll have a tough timewiping the smile off your face by the end of the runs.

The safest way to do this is with a Guide who knows the terrain.And there happens to be a few companies who are willing to help youout in this. Extremely Canadian,Whistler Alpine Guides Bureau,and Coast Mountain Guides are allextremely well versed in the backcountry, and can show you some ofthe hidden gems that make people Powder-Crazy.

Imagine slicing through waist high powder more effortlessly than ahot knife through butter, with each turn causing a pillow of snowto crash around you like a wave of white. By the time you’vefloated to the bottom, your legs are screaming at you for more andmore. Are you really going to tell your legs no? I didn’t thinkso!

One day in the backcoubtry, and you’ll realize that it’s notenough. Heck, a full season isn’t a enough. You’ll want to comeback again next season, and find even more to play in.

I say do it, good sir and madam. Lay claim to areas that may neverhave been touched before! Make it yours!

The video below is a bit of a taste of what a small hike canprovide!

*Photo Courtesy of Whistler Weather

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