The 16 days of Opening Day (almost better than Christmas): Day 3 – Whistler Tasting Tours

On the 3rd day of Opening Day, my truelove gave to me….a little taste of Whistler!

As Whistler and Whistlerites gear upfor the start of another amazing season, in the 16 days leading upto Opening Day, I’m going to give you 16 different ideas of someawesome things to do this winter season!

With Whistler Mountain opening early, the buzz around the villagehas been electrifying. Add in a whole bunch of fresh snow, and allof the locals are absolutely giddy!

Blackcomb Mountain is still scheduled to open this Thursday,November 22nd.

The list. Let’s get back to it!


Whistler Tasting Tours!
Whet your appetite for some of the scrumptious splendors Whistlerhas to offer!

It’s tough to choose which restaurantsto go to in Whistler. There are an absolute ridiculous number tochoose from. Araxi, Barefoot Bistro, 21 Steps, Earls, Bavaria…. Icould continue, but by the time I finish this list your mind willhave already gotten lost in thoughts of what’s in your fridge rightnow.

So this little tour here will help you out! There are two options:The Hidden Gems, and The Finer Things.
Each tour will bring you through 5 different restaurants (as wellas a Bonus Mystery stop) and let you sample one course in eachplace. It is a progressive tour that ends with an absolutelydelicious dessert.
If one night isn’t enough for you, then return for a second, andtry 5 completely different restaurants.

This is certainly a unique way to dine out in Whistler. You andyour taste buds will most certainly become best friends by the endof this night out!.