The 16 days of Opening Day (almost better than Christmas): Day 6 – Fresh Tracks

The 16 days of Opening Day (almost better than Christmas): Day 6 - Fresh Tracks

On the 6th day of Opening day, my truelove gave to me….an early morning, food and fresh snow!

As Whistler and Whistlerites gear upfor the start of another amazing season, in the 16 days leading upto Opening Day, I’m going to give you 16 different ideas of someawesome things to do this winter season!

We’re less than a week away to the “Official” Opening Day.However, the unofficial “Official” Opening Day is TOMORROW(Saturday Nov. 17th). The Whistler Alpine will be open, and you canbet your bottom dollar you will see nothing but smiles all day. Infact all day every day for the next 6-7 months.

Blackcomb Mountain is still scheduled to open November 22nd.

Now, onto the List we go!


Fresh Tracks!
Early access to the lifts, a wicked buffet breakfast,and being the first ones on the slopes that day. What more couldyou want (aside from free helicopter rides…sigh)? There is a catch, though. It involves waking up EARLYand waiting in a line. Now, if you’ve talked to anyone who’s doneFresh Tracks, they’ll all tell you that that small catch is a pieceof cake for what you’re about to get.
Early access up the lifts, a buffet fit for a powderhungry crowd, and the chance to be the first ones to lay tracks allover Whistler.

Why yes, yes that does sound appealing.

How many times have you gone up the lift early in the morning, andalready see tracks coming down the mountain, and you’re wonderingto yourself “how in the hell are people already stealing mylines?”
YOU CAN BE ONE OF THOSE LINE-STEALING PEOPLE! And on your nextride up the lift, you can show it off to all the people on thechair with you. Probably with a smug smile on your facetoo. 

Oh. One more catch, I guess. They cut off the line after 650people. To you that might sound like a lot, and that you don’t haveto worry. And on a day with no powder, you MIGHT be correct.However, if you come across a knee-deep dumping over night, youshould probably set your alarm clock a little earlier, bring somecoffee in a thermos, and get yourself in line. Because she shallfill up quick, my friend. And there’s nothing worse than beingperson number 651 in line and missing out on all the bacon
at the top. Heck, the bacon alone is worth waking up earlyfor.

Every person who’s ever done fresh tracks. EVER. will tell youthat it is above and beyond worth it. Especially if you luck outand get snow deeper than you thought possible.
Just don’t fall asleep at the bar during Après after a long day ofriding hard. They tend not to be fans of that. Sillybars.

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