Whistler Cat Skiing

When it snows inWhistler Resort, it snows even harder at Cat Skiinglocation north and south of the Village. Cat skiing areastraditionally get 40% more snow in a storm cycle than WhistlerBlackcomb. That means if you want to ski or ride powder on yourtrip to Whistler, you want to come skiing with us.

The anticipation starts when you meet up with the maximum of 11other people in your group. You’ll be talking about all the turnsyou’re going to make; how much fun you are going to have; all theface shots you’re going to get; all the stuff you are going to jumpoff.

When Helicopters Can’t Fly Snow Cats Keep Rolling

Cat Skiing Powder

Sitting in the cat as it climbs up themountain you look out the window. You’ll see the snowgetting deeper and deeper as you get closer to the powder runs,giving you butterflies. Seeing huge mountains all around bringsback the feelings you had the first time you ever went into themountains. Excitement, anticipation, nervousness, and best of allexhilaration.

Stepping out of the snowcat at the top of the run, whether it’syour first time ever in a snowcat or your 100th trip, seeing allthat powder with no one around to track it up other than you andthe other people in your group is something you’ll rememberforever. Clicking in your bindings after listening to the guidedescribe the run you are going to take makes you so excited youfeel like a five year old on Christmas morning.

The days, weeks, and months of waiting for this exact moment areover: you’re finally here. You drop into the run and sink yourfirst turn. It’s everything you’ve dreamed of. It’s the best thingever, and it’s only the first turn of the first run of your firstday.

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