Whistler Snowboard Summer Camps

Summer Snowboarding

Glacier summer camp has been in operation since 1996 inbeautiful Whistler, B.C. Canada, the epicenter of snowboarding inNorth America.

Snowboard camp coaching is centered around a private half pipe,cut by the new 17-foot super dragon. The super dragon is the mostadvanced pipe groomer on the planet. The longer transition makes itsafer and easier to learn, from beginners to top professionals. Wealso offer a snowboard park with jumps, hips, and a variety ofrails, as well as the natural free riding around Blackcombglacier.

Crowds aren’t very fun. They are unsafe, and they’re hard tolearn in. That’s why we limit the size of our snowboard camps to 40campers per session (some camps take as many as 200!). We are oneof the smallest snowboarding camps around and proud of it. We havea low coach to camper ratio (1 to 5) to ensure you get lots ofcoaching and personal attention.

Located in the heart of beautiful Whistler, BC Canada, GlacierSnowboard Camps is by far the best deal for anyone looking toimprove their snowboarding and have a great time. We prideourselves on being a smaller, much more personal summer snowboardcamp. Unlike other summer snowboard camp owners, I’m up on theglacier everyday to make sure every camper is having a great time,improving, and our terrain is the best it can possibly be.”

The Birthplace of Snowboard Cool

And not just the kind of cool you’re thinking of-though there’splenty of that. It’s more the kind of cool that comes with gettinga jump on the newest tricks and trends, year after year. Fromriding and learning with the hottest pros in the sickest summerparks on the planet. From chilling out in the sun when it’ssweltering in the valley. And with this season’s monster snowfallto top things off, no other resort will come even close to oursummer conditions. That’s a whole lotta cool. Check out summersnowboard camps in June and July.

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