Whistler Horseback RidingExperience the beauty of Whistler with apeaceful horseback ride through forests and alpine meadowsor all the way to the top of Whistler Peak. Gentle horses andexperienced guides make horseback riding a great activity foreveryone to try.

Valley Horseback Tour

A two hour ride through shaded forest glades and alongriverside beaches is a favourite for beginners andexperienced riders alike.

Giddy up, cowpoke. If you’ve got an abiding desire to see thecountryside around Whistler Resort from a tall-in-the-saddle pointof view, we’ve got the ride for you. From a gentle meander throughforests and meadows to a tour of tall ancient cedars, from a trotalong sandy beaches to a saunter up mountain trails, horsebacktours in and around Whistler explore the most interesting cornersof British Columbia. Even a ghost town! With pony rides for littleones and wagon and carriage rides for anyone who prefershorse-drawn to horseback, you can book all your equine adventuresright here.

Valley Horseback Ride

Tour through forests, on river beaches and grassymeadows is an excellent introduction to horseback riding.Well-trained horses and personalized instruction will make thisscenic valley ride in Pemberton a memorable one. Friendly,experienced wranglers saddle you up with personal attention andbasic riding instructions. Western saddles, helmets and oilskinjackets are available for your riding experience. Required attire:Long pants and closed toed shoes.

When you get far enough from civilization a funny thing happens.You have fun. Here is your chance to lose yourself and recreate anincredible western fantasy – exploring a deserted ribbon of beachon horseback – just one hour from the chaos of the city.  Letus take you back to one of the original modes of transportation aswe tour by horseback and witness the beautiful Whistlersurroundings atop our trusty steed.  Great for the wholefamily.rt text here.

Come Horseback Riding In Whistler

Horseback riding in Whistler coupled with one of Aloha’s accommodations inWhistler.

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