Whistler Kayaking

Dip your paddle into the serenity ofWhistler’s countless rivers and lakes and drift away. Mostof Whistler’s lakeside parks provide canoe and kayak rentals forall day or just an hour during the summer. Otherwise plenty ofguided tours from adventure companies are readily available tobring you to secluded areas no one knows about – except MotherNature.

There’s a tour tailored to your needs whether you’re an expertpaddler or want to learn the techniques of canoe and kayakhandling. Each tour offering you fantastic views of the Whistlermountains, rivers and even the chance to see wild animals includingbirds, bears and beavers. Perfect for a single or even the wholefamily.

Kayak the River of Golden Dreams

Take advantage of kayaking down Whistler’s River ofGolden Dreams. It’s a watershed area running from thenorth end of Alta Lake to the South end of Green Lake and a verypopular route. The opportunity to reconnect with nature and seelocal Whistler wildlife is endless.

Very different than paddling on a lake, it’s a safari under oldgrowth forest trees, beside wild flower lined banks, wildlife andglacier capped mountain views! Nestled in the Whistler Valley youwill discover the River of Golden Dreams, a small, generally slowmoving flat-water river, which connects Alta Lake to Green Lake.This is truly a trip you don’t want to miss and one of Whistler’soriginal and most popular activities.

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