Whistler GlacierThe sun is shining, the lakes are warm,it’s the perfect time to… go skiing and riding. TheBlackcomb Glacier lets you experience the best of both worlds -work on your tan and get your ski/ride fix at the same time.

The summer glacier experience is recommended for intermediate toadvanced skiers and riders and offers a perfect opportunity toimprove your park and bump skills.

Blackcomb Mountain’s Horstman Glacier is open for sun-filleddays of skiing and snowboarding in the summer. Be sure to packsunscreen because the rays are hot.

Access to the Glacier in Summer

In order to access the glacier, skiers and snowboarders mustupload on the Wizard and Solar Coaster Express chairs, thentransfer to a bus which travels along Expressway to the base of the7th Heaven Express. Once at the top of the 7th Heaven Express,skiers and riders can access the Horstman Glacier. Skiers andsnowboarders take the same route to get back down, or can use theski out from the glacier to the top of the Solar Coaster as long assnow conditions permit.

Conditions can vary throughout the day, so be prepared. Bringsunscreen, goggles or sunglasses, gloves and a jacket due thechanges in mountain weather.

Please be advised that lift ticket passes for glacier skiing andsnowboarding in the summer are sold through Guest Services atWhistler Blackcomb and not through the Activity Centre.

There are a bunch of racing and free style camps available, suchas the Camp of Champions and a great mogul camp. About 1/3 of theparticipants at the Blackcomb camps are adults.

Enjoy the view from 7,400 feet on the patio of the Horstman Hut,which is open daily for lunch or snacks. If you can’t get enough ofthe white stuff, here is a great place to spend the summer.

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